Programmer's Reference

This section provides reference documentation about programming with the Microsoft Commerce Server 2000 platform. This includes information about the Component Object Model (COM) objects you can invoke, the COM interfaces you can implement, the supplied pipeline components, XML structures, database schemas, Business Desk utilities, and so on.

This section contains:

  • Object Reference. Provides reference documentation for the COM objects supplied with Commerce Server, and for each of their properties and methods. These are the objects that you will explicitly create and invoke. There are parallel reference pages that describe the objects from the perspective of two different programming languages:

    • Microsoft Visual Basic/Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript)

    • C++

  • Interface Reference. Provides reference documentation for the COM interfaces that you can implement so that your objects can be invoked by Commerce Server. These include the pipeline interfaces that you implement to create your own pipeline components, and the Site Packager interface that allows you to build objects that can be invoked by Site Packager and Commerce Server Manager.

  • Pipeline Component Reference. Provides reference documentation for the pipeline components supplied with Commerce Server.

  • OLE DB Provider for Commerce Server. Provides reference documentation for the OLE DB Provider that provides access to the Profile Service and the Data Warehouse within Commerce Server.

  • Business Desk Reference. Provides reference documentation for the Commerce Server Business Desk, including the details of the events, properties, and methods of the HTML Components (HTCs), as well as details about the constants, global variables and utility routines provided by Business Desk.

  • XML Reference. Provides reference documentation for the structure of various XML documents used within Commerce Server.

  • Schema Reference. Provides reference documentation about various database schemas used in key areas of Commerce Server where detailed knowledge of the schema is important.

  • Database Table Reference. Provides information about many Commerce Server databases and the tables they contain. This information can be useful when establishing SQL replication.

  • Style Sheet Reference. Provides information about the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) used by Commerce Server Business Desk.

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