Enabling AuthFilter for the Retail Solution Site


To enable AuthFilter on the Retail Solution Site

  1. Use Commerce Server Site Packager to unpack the Retail Solution Site.

  2. Expand Commerce Server Manager, expand Commerce Sites, and then click the site you want to administer.

  3. Expand Applications, right-click the name of the application that you want to work with, and then click Properties.

  4. In the Properties dialog box, on the General tab, in the Authentication filter box, select either Windows Authentication or Custom Authentication, and then click OK.


    • It is recommended that you use Windows Authentication, which is inherently more secure than Custom Authentication. Windows Authentication stores passwords in Active Directory, whereas Custom Authentication stores passwords in a database.
  5. Use a text editor to open Authfiles\Login.asp for the Retail site.

  6. In Login.asp, verify that you have the included files that are in Retail\Login\Login.asp and the code matches with the example. To verify the code in the example, see Login.asp Code for the Retail Solution Site.

  7. Save and close the updated Login.asp page.

  8. Use the Users module in Commerce Server Business Desk to create a new user for the Retail site. For information, see Adding a User Profile.

  9. Use Internet Explorer to navigate to http://<computername>/Retail.

At the login page, type the user name and password if you are a registered user, or choose to register by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

The Login.asp page sets the MSCSAuth ticket for the registered user, retrieves the profile for the user, and populates the Web page using the profile information it retrieved.

If the profile cannot be found, the Login.asp page is displayed again with an error message, and presents the same two options to log in as before. If the user name or password is not valid, then Login.asp is displayed again, but without an error message. To add a registration or new user page to your Web site using AuthFilter, follow the instructions for the Login.asp page.

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