Page Layout Customization for Solution Sites

The page execution model for the Commerce Server Solution Sites separates the content displayed on a page from the layout of that content. For a thorough explanation of this execution model, see Page Execution Model for Solution Sites.

As delivered, the Commerce Server Solution Sites provide two different page layout files: template\layout1.asp and template\no_menu.asp. The no_menu.asp file does not incorporate the menu portion of the page, as constructed by the include file template\menu.asp. It also does not incorporate the areas reserved for discounts and a footer that are found in the file template\layout1.asp. For more information about how these two layout pages divide the rendered page into different areas, and where the content for those areas comes from, see Page Layout for Solution Sites.

In order to maintain the separation of content and high-level page layout employed by the Solution Sites, you must understand and conform to the existing mechanisms. There are three ways in which the layout of Web site pages can be changed, the first two concern the high-level layout of the relative positions of the main areas of the page; the third concerns the layout of the content within a given area of the page.

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