Predictor Resource Tutorial

Microsoft Commerce Server 2002 includes the Predictor resource, which is a suite of tools for general-purpose data mining and analysis. Using the Predictor resource you can create effective marketing campaigns, analyze users on your Web site, and provide real-time recommendations. The intended audience for this tutorial is the system administrator.

After following the step-by-step tutorial, you can use the Predictor resource to do the following:

  • Cross sell: Provide real-time product recommendations to users as they shop for products on your Web site.
  • Cross browse: Provide real-time product recommendations to browse on your site as users shop for products.
  • Demographic prediction: Make statistically informed guesses about the demographic makeup of every user based on the products they purchase and the pages they browse on your site.
  • Targeted advertising: Target banner ads for each user based on their browsing and shopping behavior on your site.
  • User segmentation: Automatically segment your site visitors based on their buying and browsing behavior on your site.

You must follow the tutorial in the order provided.

For more information about the Predictor resource, see Running the Predictor Resource.


  • The Predictor tutorial site is for educational purposes only. We recommend that you do not build your Commerce Server production site using the Predictor tutorial site.

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