Data Warehouse Import Wizard

Use the Data Warehouse Import Wizard to import data into the Data Warehouse and prepare the Data Warehouse so that Commerce Server Business Desk Analysis reports can be run.

To start the Data Warehouse Import Wizard

  • Click Start, point to Programs, point to Microsoft Commerce Server 2002, and then click Data Warehouse Import Wizard.

You can also choose to start the Wizard automatically after running the Data Warehouse Configurator. For information, see Data Warehouse Configurator.

After completing the Data Warehouse Import Wizard, you will have created a DTS package that specifies what data to import and when it should be imported.


  • The Data Warehouse Import Wizard always saves the package to the local SQL Server. Your local SQL Server must be started.
  • When your site is configured to use Windows Authentication, to run the Data Warehouse Import Wizard and save a package, your account must have Select, Insert, and Update permissions on the msdb database and the sysDTSPackage object. The msdb database is used by SQL Server Agent for scheduling alerts and jobs, and it is accessed to save the DTS package.

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