Business Processing Pipeline System

You use the Business Processing Pipeline System to customize your order, targeting, and merchandising processes. Using pipelines, you can define and link together the stages of a business process.

For example, the Order Processing pipeline (OPP) provides the sequence of steps that are used to process purchases from your site. In the first stage in the Order Processing pipeline, you retrieve product information from the database that stores catalog data. In the next stage, you add the address of the user to the order. Each stage in the pipeline represents a category of work. The sequence of the stages determines the sequence in which the work is to be done.

Microsoft Commerce Server 2002 includes pipeline features that provide for flexible order handling, easier shipping method maintenance, more flexible discount handling, and greater efficiency in pipeline loading and execution. These features include:

  • High-precision currency handling
  • Multiple shipment handling
  • Discount handling
  • Pipeline pooling

The Business Processing Pipeline System includes the following key components:

  • Pipelines. Commerce Server includes several preconfigured pipelines that you can customize. For a description of each pipeline, see Working with Pipelines.
  • Pipeline Editor. Use this application to create and edit Commerce Server pipelines.

The following table lists key Commerce Server 2002 Help topics to help you learn more about pipelines.

To learn about See
Customizing pipelines Working with Pipelines

Discount Objects

Pooled Pipelines

Pipeline Concepts

Building Pipeline Components

Pipeline Objects

Pipeline Component Reference

Processing multicurrency orders Currency Enhancements

Multiple-shipment Shipping Architecture

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