Analysis Models

An analysis model is a set of statistical relationships based on observations of past site users and/or their purchase history, browse history, or other behavior. The model contains information about the types of users who visit your site, but it does not contain information about specific users. The detailed information used to create an analysis model is stored in the Commerce Server Data Warehouse.

You can build two types of analysis models:

  • Prediction models: A type of model that contains a summary of data used for predicting user behavior on your site. For example, if a user purchases a copy of Microsoft NFL Fever 2000, then what are the chances the same user will consider a purchase of Microsoft NBA Inside Drive? These types of probabilities are calculated using a prediction model. You use Commerce Server Manager to view Prediction models.
  • Segment models: A type of model that groups users together that share similar profile properties. You use Commerce Server Business Desk to view Segment models.

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