The ExpressionBuilder HTML component (HTC) provides users with an easy and intuitive manner in which to build expressions used for targeting. These expressions are given names and are saved in an Extensible Markup Language (XML) representation in the Expression Store. The ExpressionBuilder HTC makes use of the QueryBuilder HTC for the manipulation of the expression bodies.

This section contains:

  • Events. Describes the events supported by the ExpressionBuilder HTC.
  • Properties. Describes the properties supported by the ExpressionBuilder HTC.
  • Methods. Describes the methods supported by the ExpressionBuilder HTC.
  • Container Attributes. Describes the attributes that the ExpressionBuilder HTC expects to be set on the element in which it is contained.
  • Configuration Data. Describes the data passed to the ExpressionBuilder HTC via the ID used as the value of the XMLCfgID container attribute.
  • Instantiation Example. Demonstrates how the ExpressionBuilder HTC is instantiated in script on an Active Server Pages (ASP) page.

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