Working with the Data Warehouse

This topic describes working with the Commerce Server 2000 Data Warehouse. Information is provided on the basic structures and primary business categories of the logical schema. Procedures to extend the logical schema and import custom data into the Data Warehouse are also presented.

This section contains:

  • Basic Structures of the Logical Schema. Defines the conceptual infrastructure of the Data Warehouse in terms of the class, data member, key, and relation.

  • Relations. Describes the logical relation types through examples.

  • Primary Business Categories. Explains the conceptual division of the logical schema into primary business categories: Campaigns, Catalog, Transactions, Profile Management, Web Log Import, and Web Topology. Each category may involve multiple business processes. These categories provide the conceptual entry points into the logical schema.

  • Extending the Data Warehouse. Provides examples of extending the Data Warehouse logical schema.

  • Importing Data into the Data Warehouse. Discusses the process of importing custom data into the Data Warehouse.

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