Commerce Server Solution Sites

The Commerce Server Solution Sites provide a significant head start for developing a Web site based on Commerce Server 2002. They provide a highly structured approach to building a Web site that will be easy to extend and maintain once you have gained a sufficient understanding of how the Solution Sites work. The purpose of this documentation is to provide you with the information necessary to achieve that understanding.

This document contains:

  • Solution Sites Overview. Provides a brief overview of the Retail and Supplier Solution Sites, and provides information about how to best use this documentation.
  • Solution Site Features. Describes the features of the Solution Sites from the perspective of someone using them to buy products.
  • Solution Site Infrastructure. Describes several aspects of the infrastructure provided by the Solution Sites code.
  • Site Development Using Solution Sites. Provides information related to using the Solution Sites and modifying them into a production-ready, branded, commercial Web site.
  • Solutions Sites File Organization. Describes the files that constitute the Solution Sites and how they are organized into a hierarchy of folders.
  • Solution Sites Reference. Provides reference material useful when developing commercial Web sites based on the Solution Sites.

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