Securing Business Desk Modules

You use the Business Desk Permissions module to grant and deny Business Desk users access to specific Business Desk functionality. For information about using the Business Desk Permissions module, see Business Desk Security.


  • In Commerce Server 2000, Business Desk modules were secured by setting access control entries (ACEs), also referred to as NTFS permissions, on Business Desk ASP files.


  • Do not set ACEs on Business Desk ASP files to secure Commerce Server 2002 Business Desk modules. Using ACEs to secure these files can conflict with permission settings made using the Business Desk Permissions module.

If you have upgraded from Commerce Server 2000, and have secured your Business Desk modules using ACEs, it is recommended that you reset the ACEs on all Business Desk ASP files. For information about resetting ACEs on your Business Desk ASP files, see To reset ACEs on Commerce Server 2002 Business Desk modules. For more information about upgrading from Commerce Server 2000, see Step 6: Upgrading Commerce Server Business Desk in the Commerce Server 2002 Upgrade Guide.

The following table shows each Business Desk ASP file in which you should reset ACEs:

Table 1

Folder Reset this ASP file
Analysis Analysis_reports.asp
Analysis Analysis_report_viewer.asp
Application Datacodes_list.asp
Catalogs\Designer List_categorydefinitions.asp
Catalogs\Editor List_catalogs.asp
Catalogsets Catalogsets_list.asp
Marketing Cmanager.asp
Marketing Listmanager.asp
Marketing Targetexpr.asp
Marketing Target_group.asp
Marketing Reftable.asp
Orders Basket_list.asp
Orders Orderstatus_list.asp
Organizations Orgs.asp
Productionrefresh Refresh.asp
Profiles Genericprofileeditor.asp


  • This file only exists if you have upgraded from Commerce Server 2000.
Profiles Profileeditor.asp
Profiles Profileselector.asp
Profiles Refreshprofilesvcall.asp
Segviewer Modellist.asp
Shipping Shipping_list.asp
Tax Regionaltax.asp
Users Registered.asp


  • After you reset ACEs on Business Desk ASP files, and set permissions using the Business Desk Permissions module, it is recommended that all users that are connected to the Business Desk restart their client computer so that these permissions are refreshed on their client computer.

To reset ACEs on Commerce Server 2002 Business Desk modules

The following procedure is to be performed on the IIS server that hosts your Commerce Server Solution Site.

  1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder that contains your Commerce Server 2000 Business Desk application files.


    • By default, your application files reside in the <drive>:\Inetpub\wwwroot\<siteName>bizdesk folder for your site, where <drive> is the drive where IIS is installed and <siteName> is the name of your site.
  2. Right-click the folder that contains the ASP file that you want to reset.


    • The folder and file names of the ASP files that you want to reset are shown in Table 1 above.
  3. On the <filename> Properties property sheet, on the Security tab, verify that the ACEs are configured as follows:

    User or Group ACEs
    Administrator Full Control
    Everyone Read

    Read & Execute

    System Full Control

For more information about setting ACEs, search for the keywords "ACE" and "NTFS" in Windows 2000 Help.

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