Changing Between Campaign Goaling and Advertising Item Goaling

Campaigns are scheduled using campaign goaling. You can schedule at the campaign level or advertising item level. In a campaign, weight applies to ads that are goaled at the campaign level. For house ads the weight is relative to all other house ads for all customers and all campaigns. For paid ads, the weight is relative to other paid ads in the same campaign. After you schedule a campaign, you can change between campaign goaling and advertising item goaling, which determines how the weights for the ads will be calculated.

The following describes three scenarios for goaling paid ads. In the first scenario, the customer orders two ads goaled at the campaign level. In the second scenario, the customer wants to add requests for the first of the two ads, and so switches to advertising item goaling. In the third scenario, the customer wants the first ad displayed at a three-to-one rate over the second, and so switches back to campaign-level goaling.

  • Scenario 1: A customer orders two paid ads for their fall season sale to be run in even proportion for a total quantity ordered of 1000 requests. The quantity ordered for each ad is 500. The campaign is goaled at the campaign level.


  • Scenario 2: The customer now wants 500 additional requests for the first ad. The campaign is changed to advertising item level goaling, and 500 additional requests are added to the quantity ordered for the first ad for a total of 1000 requests. The second ad remains at 500 requests.


  • Scenario 3: The customer decides to redistribute the order so that the first ad is run at a weight of 3 to 1 against the second ad. The campaign is changed back to campaign level goaling with a total quantity ordered of 1500. After the ad campaign item weights are changed to 3 and 1 (for the first and second ads, respectively), the new paid weights for the campaign are 1125 for the first ad and 375 for the second.


Ee824105.caution(en-US,CS.10).gif Caution

  • In the second scenario, if the customer decides to redistribute the order, and then also adds a third ad with a weight of 1, all of the ads must be reweighted. Because the ad has been changed from an ad-goaled campaign to a campaign-goaled campaign, the paid weight of all the ads must be changed or the delivery of the ads will be skewed.

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