The Campaigns modules in Commerce Server Business Desk are tightly integrated with both the Profiling System and the Product Catalog System through expressions. Expressions enable you to target advertisements to users and to apply discounts to products. In Microsoft Commerce Server 2002 Enterprise Edition, the Campaigns modules are also integrated with the Business Analytics System so you can analyze the success of your campaigns.

The following table lists key Commerce Server 2002 Help topics to help you learn more about Campaigns.

To learn about See
Concepts Campaign Concepts

Ad Concepts

Discount Concepts

Content Selection Framework Concepts

Programming Targeting Samples

Example Code Targeting Objects

Order Processing Samples

Order Queuing Sample

ASP.NET-Based Advertising Sitelet

ASP-Based Discount Sitelet

Extending the Content Selection Framework

Programming references Microsoft.CommerceServer.Runtime.Targeting


Targeting Objects

Expression XML Structures

Security for campaigns Securing the Campaign Database

Business Desk Security

Creating campaigns Closing the Loop with Commerce Server Systems

Business-to-Consumer Tutorial

Creating a Marketing Campaign

Creating an Ad

Creating a Discount

Extending Campaigns

Discount Examples

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