Getting Started with Business Desk

This section provides information for new users of Commerce Server Business Desk.

This section contains:

  • Business Desk Overview. Describes the Business Desk application and the Business Desk client. Describes how Business Desk can be configured to meet your needs.
  • Business Desk Basics. Describes how to navigate Business Desk, secure Business Desk modules, and use keyboard shortcuts.
  • What to Do First. Lists the steps you must perform to get your Web site up and running and ready for business.
  • Common Tasks. Lists the most common tasks performed using Business Desk and provides links to the appropriate Help topics.
  • Example: Closing the Loop. Explains how to analyze business data collected on your Web site; you can then use the results of your analysis to update your site.
  • Using Business Desk Help. Explains how to search for and print Help topics.
  • If You Need Additional Help. Lists the tasks that your system administrator or site developer can help you perform.

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