Deploying Predictor

This section explains how to configure and deploy the Predictor so it is secure and performance is optimized. It explains how to automate the model building process on the Data Warehouse, move the models to the Web servers, and update your site code to call the PredictorClient object to retrieve the data for display.

For a tutorial that guides you through the Predictor features and shows you how to analyze results, see Predictor Resource Tutorial.

For information about the amount of data Predictor can process, and performance criteria, see Predictor Data Size Restrictions.


  • Pointing multiple Predictor global resources to the same database (for example, an external database) is not supported.

  • Always build and use Prediction models for real-time recommendations on your site.

    Although your site developer can use the prediction methods to create both Segment and Prediction models, do not use Segment models for real-time recommendations because they are not optimized for this purpose and will not produce recommendations as accurate as Prediction models. You can also use the same model configuration to build a separate Segment model, based on the same data, and view it with the Segment Viewer in Commerce Server Business Desk.

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