Permissions Required to Run DTS Tasks

To run the Commerce Server DTS tasks, your login account must be configured as follows:

  • The account must be a member of DTS_ImportRole on the database for the DTS task you running.

  • On the computer on which you will run the DTS tasks, assign the DTSImport account to the "Power Users" group.

  • The account must be mapped to the dbo user in the Data Warehouse database. To map a login name to the dbo, in Query Analyzer, run the sp_addrolemember stored procedure as follows:

    Exec sp_addrolemember 'dbo', 'login'

    To run sp_addrolemember in Query Analyzer, you must be logged in with "sa" privileges.

    The sp_addrolemember stored procedure will fail if the user has already been added to the Data Warehouse. Do not add the account by using any method other than the sp_addrolemember stored procedure.

    For more information about sp_addrolemember, see sp_addrolemember in SQL Books Online.

  • The account must be a member of the Administrators role for the Commerce Server Config COM+ application on the computer on which you intend to run the DTS tasks.

    Only users in the Administrators role can instantiate the GlobalConfig2 object, which is required for running DTS tasks. For more information about the Administrators role for the Config application, see Commerce Server Config COM+ Application.

  • To run the Data Warehouse Import Wizard and save a package, your account must have Select, Insert, and Update permissions on the msdb database of the SQL Server on which you are running the DTS tasks. The msdb database is used by SQL Server Agent for scheduling alerts and jobs, and it is accessed to save the DTS package. In addition, assign the same permissions on the sysDTSPackage object, which allows users to save a DTS package.

The following table lists the roles to which the login account must belong to run specific DTS tasks.

To run this DTS task You must belong to these roles
Configuration synchronization DTS_ImportRole on the Administration database
Web server log import DTS_ImportRole on the Administration database
Transaction data import DTS_ImportRole on the Transactions database
Product catalog import DTS_ImportRole on the Catalog database
Profile data import DTS_ImportRole on the Profiles database
Campaign data import DTS_ImportRole on the Campaigns database
Data deletion DTS_ImportRole on the Administration database
IP resolution No additional roles required
Report preparation OLAP Administrators group
Report caching OLAP Administrators group


  • Rerun the CatalogSecurityRoles script and the Dts_CommerceDB_Catalog_SecurityRole script after you do any of the following tasks:
    • Create new catalogs
    • Add languages to a catalog
    • Rebuild virtual catalogs
  • Rerun the Dts_CommerceDB_Campaign_SecurityRole script after you create new campaigns.
  • When you extend the Profiles database (create new profile definitions), manually assign permissions to the DTSImport account.
  • The Config COM+ application account must be a member of the db_owner role on the Data Warehouse SQL Server.

For information about the permissions required to run the Model Builder DTS task, see Securing a Predictor Deployment.

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