Encoding Property

Gets or sets the kind of encoding to use for this DisplayProperty object.

Namespace: Microsoft.CommerceServer.Marketing
Assembly: Microsoft.CommerceServer.Marketing.CrossTierTypes (in Microsoft.CommerceServer.Marketing.CrossTierTypes.dll)


Public Property Encoding As UrlEncodingType
Dim instance As DisplayProperty
Dim value As UrlEncodingType

value = instance.Encoding

instance.Encoding = value
public UrlEncodingType Encoding { get; set; }
property UrlEncodingType Encoding {
    UrlEncodingType get ();
    void set (UrlEncodingType value);
public function get Encoding () : UrlEncodingType
public function set Encoding (value : UrlEncodingType)

Property Value

Type: Microsoft.CommerceServer.Marketing..::.UrlEncodingType
The encoding of the DisplayProperty.


The UrlEncodingType enumeration value specifies the encoding of a DisplayProperty and shall be:

  • NoEncoding - Do not encode the DisplayProperty.

  • Full - Fully encode the DisplayProperty.

  • SpacesAndPluses - Encode spaces and pluses of the DisplayProperty.


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