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Commerce Server deployment includes the initial set up, installation, configuration, and site updates that relate to one or more Commerce Server retail Web sites. Administrators and site architects should review and approve the specific design and architecture of your deployment before implementation. The purpose of deployment is to get your site(s) running so that you can start doing business with your customers. You can analyze your customer's shopping behavior to identify sales trends and create marketing promotions and discounts to increase revenue.

The following figure shows the various deployments with which Commerce Server users interact.

Deployments and User Interaction

This section focuses on deploying servers in a prescribed scenario to support a large retail Web site. Specifically, this section provides information for the following scenarios:

  • IT administrators to install and configure the hardware

  • Network administrators to configure and build the network

  • IT administrators to deploy the servers and install the software

  • Database and domain administrators to set permissions and enhance security

  • IT operations personnel to deploy site updates

This section does not include information about the following aspects of running a retail Web site:

  • Designing your site and application

  • Maintaining and scaling your site

  • Creating expressions for personalization and content targeting

  • Creating campaigns, such as advertisements or discounts

  • Updating catalog data, such as price, description, or other details

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