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Use this component with the CacheManager object to log event content from the Content Selection Framework.


Although the CSFWriteEvents component implements two pipeline component interfaces (IPipelineComponent and IPipelineComponentAdmin), it is not a pipeline component, it does not appear in the Pipeline Editor, and cannot be used or configured in the Pipeline Editor.

Configuration Values

You can determine how the CSFWriteEvents component runs by setting component properties. Use the following box on the CSFWriteEvents tab of the Component Properties dialog box to determine this information.



Connection String

The connection string used to connect to the database. This may be a full connection string or a name in a connection map. If blank, the default connection string is passed.


Used in conjunction with the MarketingDiscounts type setting used in the cache entry. Typically set to mktg_spUpdatePerformanceTotal.

Values Read

The CSFWriteEvents component reads the following values from the indicated dictionaries.






The previous event delta count for the various content items.

Values Written



You can use the CSFWriteEvents component with the CacheManager Object to save event information in the database for later adjustment of advertising and other campaign schedules.

When run by the CacheManager object, the CSFWriteEvents component uses two pipeline dictionaries (Order and Context) to determine how to run and how to return information to the CacheManager object.

The CSFWriteEvents component first opens a connection to the database. It then writes the event data to the database using information stored in the Performance dictionary.


See the example in CacheManager Object.