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Use the DefaultItemPriceCy pipeline component to set the regular price of an item to the list price returned by the QueryCatalogInfo pipeline component.

For more information, see Currency Enhancements.

Intended use: Order Processing pipeline, Item Price stage.

Values Read

The DefaultItemPriceCy pipeline component reads the following values from the indicated dictionaries.






The list price for the item as returned by a component such as QueryCatalogInfo or QueryProdInfoADO.

Values Written

The DefaultItemPriceCy pipeline pipeline component assigns a value to the following key in the Order dictionary.




The regular price of the item.


To set the regular price to a price other than the list price, replace these components in the pipeline.

For each item in the order form (each item in the items collection), the DefaultItemPriceCy component assigns the _iadjust_regularpricekey to the value stored in the _cy_product_list_price key for the item. The regular price is typically set by the QueryCatalogInfo pipeline component in the Product Info stage.

If the QueryCatalogInfo pipeline component does not retrieve the list price, the Item dictionary will not contain the _product_list_price key. In this case, you need to add a component (a Scriptor, for example) to retrieve the list prices so that the DefaultItemPrice component can initialize the _iadjust_regularprice key.

Stages that follow the Item Price stage in the pipeline contain components that depend on the _iadjust_regularprice key being set. If this key does not have a value, these components fail. The RequiredItemPrice component ensures that the values exist.

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