File Dialog Box (Explorer and Plug-in)

Allows you to view or edit a file. You can use the General tab of the SourceSafe Options dialog box to set view/edit options.

Security noteSecurity Note

Some file types, for example, executable files, Web pages, and script files, might contain viruses or scripts that can be harmful to your computer. If you open these types of files using any program except the SourceSafe editor, you must be certain that the file is from a trustworthy source.

Dialog Box Access

In Visual SourceSafe Explorer, select a file and, on the Edit menu, click View File or Edit File.


You can specify whether this dialog box is displayed by using the Command Dialogs tab in the SourceSafe Options dialog box.

You can also use this dialog box to view an earlier version of a file. It is accessible through the View command in the History of <name> dialog box. One more way you can use the dialog box is through the View command in the Share with <name> dialog box.

  • Do you want to
    Specifies the command to use for the selected file. Possible options are:

    Option Description

    View SourceSafe's copy of this file

    Runs the View File command to display the master copy of the file in the associated editor.

    Check out this file and edit it in your working folder

    Runs the Edit File command to allow you to edit the file in the associated editor.

  • OK
    Runs the command that you have selected to allow you to view or edit the file.
  • Only show this dialog when the Shift key is down
    Specifies that this dialog box is not displayed unless you hold down the SHIFT key when selecting the View File or Edit File command.
  • Use
    Specifies the editor program to use for viewing or editing the file. If you do not specify an editor or if the specified editor cannot be associated with the file, Visual SourceSafe uses the editor registered with Windows. If there is no registered editor, Visual SourceSafe uses the SourceSafe editor. Possible options are:

    Option Description

    SourceSafe Editor

    Opens the file in the SourceSafe editor.

    Registered Application: <program name>

    Opens the file in the specified program, if the program can be associated with the file based on the file extension.


    Allows you to select the executable file for the program to use for viewing or editing.

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