Deployment Conditions

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For conditional deployment, the Condition property of a file, folder, registry entry, custom action, or launch condition is used to evaluate one or more properties during installation. The condition can evaluate the Property property exposed by other elements in the installer (for example, the Property property for a file search), or it can evaluate properties exposed by Windows Installer (for example, operating system version).

Custom properties can be specified for launch conditions in the Launch Conditions Editor, for custom folders in the File System Editor, or for custom dialog boxes in the User Interface Editor. When specifying a custom property, the name must contain uppercase characters and the name must not conflict with any existing properties or Windows Installer property names.

Multiple properties can be evaluated using Boolean operators. For more information, see Windows Installer Conditional Statement Syntax.


The Property properties for special folders are examples of Windows Installer system folder properties (for example, ProgramMenuFolder or DesktopFolder). The following is a list of some other common Windows Installer properties that can be used in conditions.

Windows Installer Property



Version number for the Windows operating system.


Version number for the Windows NT/Windows 2000 operating system.


The version number of the operating system service pack.


Build number of the operating system.


Default language identifier for the system.


On systems that support common language runtime assemblies, the installer sets the value of this property to the file version of fusion.dll.


Computer name of the current system.


User name for the user currently logged on.


Set on Windows NT/Windows 2000 if the user has administrator privileges.


Size of the installed RAM in megabytes.


Numeric processor level if running on an Intel processor.


Organization of user performing the installation. Corresponds to the Organization entered in the Customer Information installation dialog box.


User performing the installation. Corresponds to the Name entered in the Customer Information installation dialog box.


The above properties are a partial listing and were valid as of the release of Visual Studio. Additional properties are available, and new properties may be added from time to time. For an updated list of conditions, see Property Reference.

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