Add-in/Macros Security, Environment, Options Dialog Box

Use this page of the Options dialog box to define security settings for add-ins and macros in the integrated development environment (IDE). You can access the Options dialog box by selecting Options from the Tools menu and then selecting the Add-in/Macros Security page in the Environment folder.

Administrators can prevent users from changing these settings. For more information about macros security, see Macros Security and Sharing Issues. For more information about security for add-ins, see Add-In Security.


You must restart Visual Studio for any changes made to these options to take effect.


Avoid clearing the Allow Add-in Components to load checkbox in the Add-in/Macros Security options page when running Visual Studio 2008 on Windows Vista. Doing so causes the IDE to hang.

  • Allow Macros to run
    When selected, you can create, record, edit, and run macros in the IDE. If unselected, all macro options in the IDE are disabled.

  • Allow Add-in components to load
    When selected, add-ins are allowed to load and run automatically each time the IDE starts.

  • Allow Add-in components to load from a URL
    When selected, remote add-ins can be loaded into Visual Studio using a URL.

  • Add-in File Paths
    A list of pre-defined common paths that allows you to specify the folders in which Visual Studio uses to look for XML-based add-in definition files (.Addin). For details about the various predefined paths, see Add-In Security. For further details on how add-in definition files work, see Add-In Registration.

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