MSBuild (Visual C++)


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You can use the MSBuild tool to build a Visual C++ application from the command prompt. The build process is controlled by the information in a project file (.vcxproj) that you can create and edit. The project file specifies build options based on build stages, conditions, and events.

In This Section

Term Definition
MSBuild (Visual C++) Overview Describes how Visual C++ uses the MSBuild system.
Build System Changes Discusses some of the differences between the current build system and the previous release.
Walkthrough: Using MSBuild to Create a Visual C++ Project Demonstrates how to create a Visual C++ project using MSBuild.
How to: Use Build Events in MSBuild Projects Demonstrates how to specify an action that occurs at a particuler stage in the build: before the build starts; before the link step starts; or after the build ends.
How to: Add a Custom Build Step to MSBuild Projects Demonstrates how to add a user-defined stage to the build sequence.
How to: Add Custom Build Tools to MSBuild Projects Demonstrates how to associate a build tool with a particular file.
How to: Integrate Custom Tools into the Project Properties Demonstrates how to add options for a custom tool to the project properties.
How to: Modify the Target Framework and Platform Toolset Demonstrates how to compile a project for multiple frameworks or toolsets.

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