IBDA_DRM Interface

This topic applies to Windows Vista.

The IBDA_DRM interface is used to request a tuner to perform a DRM handshake with the user's computer. Some tuners require a DRM handshake to verify that the user can receive content from the tuner. The BDA tuner filter exposes this interface; it is implemented by the tuner mini-driver.

OCUR Devices: This interface supports OpenCable Unidirectional Cable Receiver (OCUR) devices. See OCUR Devices.


The IBDA_DRM interface inherits the methods of the IUnknown interface.

In addition, IBDA_DRM defines the following methods.

Method Description


Queries the status of the DRM handshake.


Requests the tuner to perform a DRM handshake.


Header Declared in Bdaiface.h.

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