ITuneRequest Interface

The ITuneRequest interface is the base interface for all tune requests. Each tune request object supports a network-specific interface that derives from ITuneRequest, such as IATSCChannelTuneRequest or IDVBTuneRequest.

This interface is used by any application that creates tune requests, such as a Guide Store loader. A tune request must be associated with a specific network type. When a tune request is submitted, the derived interfaces are used by the Network Provider to extract the tuning information required by the hardware. All tune request objects also support IPersistPropertyBag, which enables them to be persisted in some type of third-party storage mechanism.


The ITuneRequest interface inherits the methods of the IDispatch interface.

In addition, ITuneRequest defines the following methods.

Method Description


Returns a new copy of this tune request.


Retrieves the components contained in this tune request.


Called from the Network Provider to get the ILocator object associated with the requested broadcast.


Retrieves the tuning space that was used to create this tune request.


Called from the Network Provider to set the ILocator object associated with the requested broadcast.

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