ITuneRequestInfo::GetNextLocator Method

The GetNextLocator method creates a new tune request with locator information for the next transport stream on the network.


HRESULT GetNextLocator(
  [in]   ITuneRequest *pCurrentRequest,
  [out]  ITuneRequest **ppTuneRequest


  • pCurrentRequest [in]
    Specifies the ITuneRequest interface of the current tune request. NULL means to return information for the first stream.

  • ppTuneRequest [out]
    Pointer to a variable that receives a tune request for the next transport stream.

Return Value

The method returns an HRESULT. Possible values include those in the following table.

Return code Description


The method succeeded.


CurrentRequest is not valid, or TuneRequest is NULL.


This method is used internally by the Network Provider's IScanningTuner::SeekUp and IScanningTuner::SeekDown methods, and is also useful for any Guide Store Loader that scans a network for EPG information.

Currently this method is not implemented for DVB-C or DVB-S networks, and the method returns E_NOTIMPL. The method is implemented for DVB-T.


Header Declared in Bdatif.h.

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