Connect Microsoft Test Manager to your team project and test plan


Use Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) to help you test the application you built. MTM stores your test plans and results on Team Foundation Server (TFS).

Connect Microsoft Test Manager to your Team Project and Test Plan

  1. If you don’t have MTM, download and install Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional.

    Don’t have a team project? Set up a team project

  2. Connect to TFS and choose your team project.

    Enter the name of a Team Foundation server.

    Expand the server name and choose a project.

  3. Create a new test plan, unless there’s already a plan you want to use. Typically, you create a separate test plan for each sprint.

    Add a new test plan.

  4. Select a plan.

    Select an existing plan, or choose Add.

If you want to connect to a different team project or test plan later, choose Home. Home button in Microsoft Test Manager

Signed in with the wrong user name? Choose HomeHome button in Microsoft Test Manager, Change project, Sign out.

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