IESOpenMmiEvent Interface

[This documentation is preliminary and is subject to change.]

Gets information from a Protected Broadcast Driver Architecture (PBDA) OpenMMI event. A PBDA Media Transform Device (MTD) fires an OpenMMI event when the device user tries to open an on-screen display, such as a dialog box.

For more information about PBDA, download the specification from


The IESOpenMmiEvent interface inherits from IESEvent.

In addition, IESOpenMmiEvent defines the following methods.

Method Description


Gets the dialog number generated by the sending device to identify this OpenMMI session.


Gets the experience type of the dialog.


Gets any data associated with the dialog, in byte stream format.


Gets data associated with the dialog, in Unicode string format.


Client Requires Windows 7.
IDL Declared in Tuner.idl.

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Build date: 12/4/2008