How to: Create a Brush by Using the Brush Editor

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You can create a brush for Brush-valued properties, such as Background, Foreground, and BorderBrush by using the brush editor.

To create a brush by using the brush editor

  1. From the Toolbox, drag a TextBlock control onto the Window.

  2. At the top of the Properties window, click the Categorized button.

  3. Scroll to and expand the Brushes category.

  4. Click Background.

    The brush editor appears at the bottom of the Brushes category.

    brush editor

  5. In the brush editor, click the Gradient Brush option.

    Gradient options appear in the brush editor. The text block background displays a black and white gradient.

    brush editor with gradient options

  6. On the left side of the gradient bar, click the Radial Gradient option.

    The text block background displays a black and white radial gradient.

  7. On the right side of the gradient bar, click the Insert Stop button.

    A new color stop is added to the center of the gradient bar.


    To delete a color stop, click to select it and then press the DELETE key.

  8. Click the new color stop to select it.

  9. Drag the R slider to the right.

    The new color stop changes to red and the midpoint of the radial gradient changes to red.

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