System.Activities.Design.Model Namespace

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The System.Activities.Design.Model namespace contains base-level classes that use the underlying data model of the workflow designer.


  Class Description
Public class ModelEditingScope Represents a group of changes to the editing store. Change groups are transactional. The changes made under an editing scope can be committed or aborted as a unit.
Public class ModelEvent Represents an event on an item. An event may be bound to one or more event handlers. At design time, event-handling methods typically do not exist, so the collection of model events is a collection of strings.
Public class ModelEventCollection Contains an enumeration of events.
Public class ModelFactory Creates instances of ModelItem objects in the designer.
Public class ModelItem Represents a single item in the editing model. An item can be anything from a complex data structure down to a color or integer.
Public class ModelItemCollection Represents a collection of model items that can be individually accessed by index.
Public class ModelItemDictionary Derives from ModelItem and implements support for a dictionary of key/value pairs.
Public class ModelMemberCollection<TItemType, TFindType> An abstract base class that ModelPropertyCollection and ModelEventCollection derive from.
Public class ModelProperty A ModelProperty represents a property on a ModelItem. Model properties are associated with an instance of an item, which allows them to have simple Value get/set properties instead of using the more cumbersome GetValue/SetValue mechanism of PropertyDescriptor.
Public class ModelPropertyCollection Contains an enumeration of properties.
Public class PropertyIdentifier Represents a property. Properties can be identified by name or by dependency property.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration CreateOptions Used by a ModelFactory instance to specify how to create a new item.