What development has been done since a previous build?


After you select the build for your test plan that you are currently using, you can select a different build to see which work items have been associated with any builds between the test plan build and this selected build. Microsoft Test Manager shows the work items that have been associated with changesets checked in between any two builds, as shown in the following illustration. You can sort these work items by associated build or by the state of the work item.

Select a Build To Use For Your Test Plan


  • Visual Studio Enterprise, Visual Studio Test Professional


To appear in this associated work items list, work items must be associated with the changeset when a user checks in code changes.

To determine changes between builds and use a new build for testing

  1. Open Microsoft Test Manager. (Go to Start, All Programs, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Test Manager.)

  2. To check changes between builds, choose the down-arrow on the center group selector and then choose Testing Center.

  3. In the center group menu bar, choose Track.

  4. Choose Assign Build.

    The Assign Build activity is displayed and the available builds are shown based on your build filter.

  5. (Optional) To display the work items for a different build, click Available builds and select a different build.

    The work items are displayed in Associated items.

  6. To use a new build for your testing for this test plan, choose Available builds and select a build and then choose Assign to plan.


    By default, a build definition keeps the last ten builds. These are listed for you to select. To change the number of builds that are kept, you must change the retention policy for the build definition. For more information about how to do this, see the steps relating to the retention policy tab in the following topic: Define the build.

    This build is now displayed in Build in use.


    If this build differs from the latest build displayed in Available builds, based on the build filter for the test plan, Associated items now shows any work items associated with changesets that were checked in between the build that is now in use and the latest build.

  7. (Optional) If you want to revert to an earlier build as your Build in use, choose Modify next to Filter for builds. The Properties activity is displayed.

    Choose the drop-down arrow next to Filter for builds, choose Clear all, and then choose Set build filter. Filter for builds is now set to Any definition or quality and Build in use is set to None. You can now set your build filter again and choose the build you want to use for your plan.

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