Error Codes

This topic lists the error codes exposed by Microsoft UI Automation. The list is sorted alphabetically by name.


    Indicates that a method was called on a virtualized element, or on an element that no longer exists, usually because it has been destroyed.
    Indicates that a method that requires an enabled element, such as ISelectionItemProvider::Select or IExpandCollapseProvider::Expand, was called on an element that was disabled.
    Indicates that the method attempted an operation that was not valid.
    Indicates that the IUIAutomationElement::GetClickablePoint method was called on an element that has no clickable point.
  • UIA_E_NOTSUPPORTED (0x80040204)
    Indicates that the provider explicitly does not support the specified property or control pattern. UI Automation will return this error code to the caller without attempting to provide a default value or falling back to another provider.
    Indicates that a problem occurred when loading an assembly that contains a client-side provider.
  • UIA_E_TIMEOUT (0x)
    Indicates that the time allotted for a process or operation has expired.