RegistrationProvider.GetRegistrationEntries Method (TeamFoundationRequestContext, String, AccessMapping)

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GetRegistrationEntries is used to retrieve the set of services and configuration information about them. Using this overload will return the services in the default accessMapping. If a specific zone is required used the overload and supply the accessMapping.

Namespace:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Server.Core
Assembly:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Server.Core (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Server.Core.dll)


Public Function GetRegistrationEntries ( _
    requestContext As TeamFoundationRequestContext, _
    toolId As String, _
    accessMapping As AccessMapping _
) As FrameworkRegistrationEntry()
public FrameworkRegistrationEntry[] GetRegistrationEntries(
    TeamFoundationRequestContext requestContext,
    string toolId,
    AccessMapping accessMapping
array<FrameworkRegistrationEntry^>^ GetRegistrationEntries(
    TeamFoundationRequestContext^ requestContext, 
    String^ toolId, 
    AccessMapping^ accessMapping
member GetRegistrationEntries : 
        requestContext:TeamFoundationRequestContext * 
        toolId:string * 
        accessMapping:AccessMapping -> FrameworkRegistrationEntry[] 
public function GetRegistrationEntries(
    requestContext : TeamFoundationRequestContext, 
    toolId : String, 
    accessMapping : AccessMapping
) : FrameworkRegistrationEntry[]


  • toolId
    Type: System.String

    ToolId filter for which entries to retrieve

Return Value

Type: array<Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server.FrameworkRegistrationEntry[]
Set of framework entries that match the specified toolId

.NET Framework Security

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