Bing.Ocr Namespace


Deprecated. The Bing.Ocr Namespace contains all the classes that pertain to The Bing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Control.

Published date: March 4, 2014


The Bing OCR Control is deprecated as of March 12, 2014.

Assemblies: Bing.Ocr.winmd, Bing.Controls.AuthenticationAccessToken.winmd




FrameCapturedEventArgs Class

Deprecated. Holds the image data when the OCR Control captures an image and raises the FrameCaptured Event.

Line class

Deprecated. Holds a line of recognized text and its outline box as returned by the OCR Service.

OcrCompletedEventArgs Class

Deprecated. The response data returned by the OCR Service when it finishes analyzing an incoming image capture and raises the Completed Event. The returned data includes the result of the OCR analysis, along with the original image and GUID.

OcrControl Class

Deprecated. A control that can take a picture, send the picture to the OCR Service, and receive the text returned by OCR.

OcrErrorEventArgs Class

Deprecated. Error information associated with the OcrControl.Failed Event

OcrResult class

Deprecated. Contains the contents of the response returned by the OCR Service.

Word Class

Deprecated. Holds a single word of recognized text and its outline box as returned by the OCR Service.




ErrorCode Enumeration

Deprecated. Enumeration lists the error codes for the OCR Control. The error codes are surfaced in the event arguments of the OcrControl.Failed Event.