IAuthenticationManager.AuthenticateAsync Method (String)

Call back through the middleware to ask for a specific form of authentication to be performed on the current request.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Owin.Security
Assembly:  Microsoft.Owin (in Microsoft.Owin.dll)


Function AuthenticateAsync ( _
    authenticationType As String _
) As Task(Of AuthenticateResult)
Dim instance As IAuthenticationManager 
Dim authenticationType As String 
Dim returnValue As Task(Of AuthenticateResult)

returnValue = instance.AuthenticateAsync(authenticationType)
Task<AuthenticateResult> AuthenticateAsync(
    string authenticationType
Task<AuthenticateResult^>^ AuthenticateAsync(
    String^ authenticationType
abstract AuthenticateAsync : 
        authenticationType:string -> Task<AuthenticateResult> 
function AuthenticateAsync(
    authenticationType : String
) : Task<AuthenticateResult>


  • authenticationType
    Type: System.String
    Identifies which middleware should respond to the request for authentication. This value is compared to the middleware's Options.AuthenticationType property.

Return Value

Type: System.Threading.Tasks.Task<AuthenticateResult>
Returns an object with the results of the authentication. The AuthenticationResult.Identity may be null if authentication failed. Even if the Identity property is null, there may still be AuthenticationResult.properties and AuthenticationResult.Description information returned.

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