CertificateThumbprintValidator.Validate Method

Validates that the certificate thumbprints in the signing chain match at least one whitelisted thumbprint.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Owin.Security
Assembly:  Microsoft.Owin.Security (in Microsoft.Owin.Security.dll)


Public Function Validate ( _
    sender As Object, _
    certificate As X509Certificate, _
    chain As X509Chain, _
    sslPolicyErrors As SslPolicyErrors _
) As Boolean
Dim instance As CertificateThumbprintValidator 
Dim sender As Object 
Dim certificate As X509Certificate 
Dim chain As X509Chain 
Dim sslPolicyErrors As SslPolicyErrors 
Dim returnValue As Boolean 

returnValue = instance.Validate(sender, _
    certificate, chain, sslPolicyErrors)
public bool Validate(
    Object sender,
    X509Certificate certificate,
    X509Chain chain,
    SslPolicyErrors sslPolicyErrors
virtual bool Validate(
    Object^ sender, 
    X509Certificate^ certificate, 
    X509Chain^ chain, 
    SslPolicyErrors sslPolicyErrors
) sealed
abstract Validate : 
        sender:Object * 
        certificate:X509Certificate * 
        chain:X509Chain * 
        sslPolicyErrors:SslPolicyErrors -> bool  
override Validate : 
        sender:Object * 
        certificate:X509Certificate * 
        chain:X509Chain * 
        sslPolicyErrors:SslPolicyErrors -> bool
public final function Validate(
    sender : Object, 
    certificate : X509Certificate, 
    chain : X509Chain, 
    sslPolicyErrors : SslPolicyErrors
) : boolean


  • sender
    Type: System.Object
    An object that contains state information for this validation.

Return Value

Type: System.Boolean
A Boolean value that determines whether the specified certificate is accepted for authentication.


ICertificateValidator.Validate(Object, X509Certificate, X509Chain, SslPolicyErrors)

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