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dn341985(v=msdn.10).mdYou will love the weather animations and custom lifestyle forecasts in AccuWeather. The app is fun to use, reliable, and will make all the difference in your day.dn369245(v=msdn.10).mdWindows Store apps are at home on the couch, in the kitchen, and even alongside other apps. Learn how Allrecipes works across screens and with other apps.dn369266(v=msdn.10).mdAppleton Group Wealth Management and Skyline Technologies partnered with Windows Azure to create clearTREND.dn369260(v=msdn.10).mdChevon Christie, lead Windows dev at Aviary, describes how devs can easily add the Aviary Photo Editor to their Windows 8 apps by downloading their free SDK.dn369259(v=msdn.10).mdWhen Blackbaud needed better ways to help non-profits focus on their missions instead of IT, the company chose Windows Azure to help provide solutions.dn369253(v=msdn.10).mdLearn how Windows 8 gives Box the freedom to enable better ways for its customers to access and edit their files, share content, and stay connected with their teams.dn341987(v=msdn.10).mdSee how Halfbrick, Arkadium, and Oceanhouse Media brought their titles to Windows 8. Watch the video to learn more.dn339178(v=msdn.10).mdSee how Yippee! Entertainment designed and developed the Chimpact gaming app for the Windows Store, and hear their results. Watch the video to find out more.dn369257(v=msdn.10).mdIn this video about Fling Theory from CodingJar, learn how players solve puzzles by manipulating physics and destroying obstacles, using electrons to charge atoms.dn339179(v=msdn.10).mdSee Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis, owners of DC Cupcakes, stay connected with their growing business and family with their Windows Phone 8.dn369261(v=msdn.10).mdDigimarc is an invention company with expertise in signal processing. With Windows Azure, Digimarc connects customers to network services in new, exciting ways.dn369262(v=msdn.10).mdEmotive makes mobile enterprise apps that focus on the user experience. To ensure users have the richest interactions with their devices, Emotive relies on Windows Azure.dn369263(v=msdn.10).mdFlavorus offers complete ticketing solutions for every event, all the way from large-scale music festivals down to intimate artist debuts. Watch the video to learn more.dn341989(v=msdn.10).mdThe Huffington Post built an app for Windows 8 under a tight deadline of just a month with the help of app developer, Kinetic Café.
dn338448(v=msdn.10).mdSee how independent developers have built successful apps for Windows 8, reaching hundreds of thousands of users. See why they’re saying, “Windows 8 is great for independent developers.”dn342002(v=msdn.10).mdSee how UK retail giant, John Lewis, designed and developed the “Things we love” app for the Windows Store using JavaScript and HTML, and hear their results.dn449146(v=msdn.10).mdSee how Silicon Valley startup, Kaggle uses Windows Azure to solve complex problems, using competitions and reward money, to attract analysts and scientists to tackle complex challenges.dn369264(v=msdn.10).mdMobileBits allows game devs to develop games on their PC, and all of the conversion and compiling that’s required can happen in the cloud using Windows Azure.dn342003(v=msdn.10).mdNoogra Nuts is a cool arcade game, where you control a cute little squirrel with a unique ability: he can crack nuts, using its head. Watch the video to learn more.dn339177(v=msdn.10).mdLearn how Ratio Interactive, a digital agency in Seattle, has seized the opportunity and is growing its business by creating apps for its clients on Windows 8.dn339174(v=msdn.10).mdSee and hear how Sad Cat Software designed and developed Train Titan, Violet Storm, and other games in the Windows Store, and hear their results.dn321971(v=msdn.10).mdSlacker Radio developed an app for Windows 8 allowing users to access millions of songs and hundreds of expert-programmed stations.dn339176(v=msdn.10).mdStumbleUpon is about discovery and great content.  Windows 8 gives StumbleUpon a perfect canvas for its community to explore all the web has to offer.dn321972(v=msdn.10).mdSee how Splendid designed and developed the Top Gear Windows 8 app for BBC Worldwide under a short time frame, and hear their results. Watch the video to learn more.dn369258(v=msdn.10).mdSee and hear how Trend Hunter magazine designed and developed the Trend Hunter app in the Windows Store. Watch the video to learn more.dn321973(v=msdn.10).mdSee and hear how TVCatchup designed and developed its entertainment app for the Windows Store, and hear its results. Watch the video to learn more.dn321974(v=msdn.10).mdSee how USA TODAY designed and developed its news app for the Windows Store, and hear its results. Watch the video to learn more.dn423213(v=msdn.10).mdMaking Waves helps businesses work with web, mobile, and new media. A solution based on Windows Azure has provided a way to attract a new generation consumers.dn369265(v=msdn.10).mdWebzen created Arctic Combat for players worldwide. The company turned to Windows Azure to help it create a premium playing experience.dn339529(v=msdn.10).mdSee how Windows 8 lets Wikipedia reach the entire world on all types of devices. Learn how the world’s largest free encyclopedia embraced the new Windows UX. Watch the video to learn more.dn423209(v=msdn.10).mdTrek wanted to move its Ascend retail system to a cloud-based system. Trek chose Windows Azure because it offered full compatibility with Windows development.dn423211(v=msdn.10).mdTalkTalk Business chose Windows Azure to create new connection points and serve customer demand.