I build .NET apps

Build any application type with .NET

  • Use .NET for the largest applications to the smallest apps: in the cloud, on the web, on the desktop, in the Windows Store and Windows Phone marketplace, and on embedded systems and microcontroller devices.
  • Utilize modern programming languages, flexibility with a wide ecosystem of APIs and components, and quality through elegant and simple code.
  • Use .NET to create stunning new experiences for apps ranging from consumer to mission-critical business applications for the enterprise. 

Build tomorrow's business applications today

  • .NET supports you to build, integrate and extend existing business applications (established application patterns) while getting you ready to current technology shift towards new experiences (devices and services).
  • Get ready to multi-device applications powered by the cloud (emerging application patterns) with .NET development and modern approaches.
  • Want to know more? Check out the .NET Technology Guide for Business Applications.

Use your existing skills to build new UI experiences

  • Embrace the app generation: bring your next great idea to life as a Windows Store app and see how easy it can be. Download the tools and get started.
  • The developer tools you already know are the cornerstone of app development for the Windows Store. Use your C#, VB, and C++ with XAML or DirectX 11.1 skills on a whole new canvas.
  • Have experience with XAML (such as Windows Presentation Foundation, Microsoft Silverlight, or Windows Phone)? Or web technology like JavaScript with HTML/CSS? Great news! You can take advantage of your skills and knowledge to build high quality Windows Store apps in XAML + .NET, XAML + C++, and HTML + JavaScript.

Take a step:Get startedBuild apps with one of the most frequently used developer platforms.Download nowReady to go? Grab the latest SDKs, resources, tools, and more.Build your skillsClass is in. Microsoft Virtual Academy offers free online courses..NET Technology Guide for Business Applications

A comprehensive guide to .NET development technologies and application patterns.

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