Microsoft.Xaml.Interactions.Core Namespace


  Class Description
Public class CallMethodAction Represents an action that calls a method on a specified object when invoked.
Public class ChangePropertyAction Represents an action that will change a specified property to a specified value when invoked.
Public class DataTriggerBehavior Represents a behavior that performs actions when the bound data meets a specified condition.
Public class EventTriggerBehavior Represents a behavior that listens for a specified event on its source and executes its actions when that event is fired.
Public class GoToStateAction Represents an action that will transition a FrameworkElement to a specified VisualState when executed.
Public class IncrementalUpdateBehavior Represents a behavior that allows incremental updating of ListView and GridView contents to support faster updating. By attaching this behavior to elements in the ItemTemplate used by these views, some of the updates can be deferred until there is render time available, resulting in a smoother experience.
Public class InvokeCommandAction Executes a specified ICommand when invoked.
Public class NavigateToPageAction Represents an action that switches the current visual to the specified Page.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ComparisonConditionType Represents one ternary condition.