ASP.NET Web Frameworks for Visual Studio 2013

ASP.NET is a free web framework for building great Web sites and Web applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You can also create Web APIs, mobile sites, and use real-time technologies like Web Sockets.

Create web sites and applications for any browser, including mobile. Choose from ASP.NET Web Forms to use a familiar drag-and-drop, event-driven model, ASP.NET MVC for separation of concerns and easier test-driven development, or ASP.NET Web Pages for a lightweight approach that mixes HTML markup with code using "Razor" syntax.

Use ASP.NET Web API to create rich REST-ful web services that return JSON, XML, or any kind of content the web supports.

Use ASP.NET SignalR for real-time bi-directional communication between client and server. With SignalR, server-side code can push content to connected clients instantly as it becomes available.

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