IClientAnalyticsChannel.StartTimedEvent Method (String)

Create an event timer. Use the returned object to log the end of the event.

Namespace:  Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.Telemetry.WindowsStore
Assembly:  Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.Telemetry.WindowsStore (in Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.Telemetry.WindowsStore.dll)


Function StartTimedEvent ( _
    eventName As String _
) As TimedAnalyticsEvent
TimedAnalyticsEvent StartTimedEvent(
    string eventName
TimedAnalyticsEvent^ StartTimedEvent(
    String^ eventName
abstract StartTimedEvent : 
        eventName:string -> TimedAnalyticsEvent
function StartTimedEvent(
    eventName : String
) : TimedAnalyticsEvent


  • eventName
    Type: System.String

    Your name for the event. To arrange events in a hierarchy in the reports, use names like 'parent/child'.

Return Value

Type: Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.Telemetry.WindowsStore.TimedAnalyticsEvent Timer object that you can End to log the event, or Cancel.

.NET Framework Security

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