Simple content in complexType: ListBox

The following is what currently will be displayed everywhere this simple type is used. To override the automatic rendition, enter a manual plain-text description. To utilize the automatic rendition, leave the description blank. If you see "[TBD (missing description)]", that means you will need to enter a manual description, since no automatic description is available/supported. To effect a termdeflist rendering in the Attributes table, you must include the description of each enumeration value in an xs:annotation/xs:documentation element within the corresponding <xs:enumeration> element in the XSD source file. (This is the only case where xs:documentation continues to have an impact beyond the initial run of the SyncSchemaDocs tool.)

In the syntax block (may be automatically abbreviated) In the "Attributes" table (if applicable)
<xs:extension base="pd:DataElementContent"> </xs:extension> <xs:extension base="pd:DataElementContent"> </xs:extension>