Appendix A


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Microsoft Corporation

August 2003

Summary: Appendix A groups the Basic Profile rules according to their levels of compliancy for creating Web services. Rules that do not apply to creating Web services are included in the "Not applicable" category.


Typically Compliant
Potentially Compliant
Not applicable


R0001 R0004 R0005 R0006
R0007 R1002 R1004 R1008
R1009 R1010 R1011 R1012
R1013 R1014 R1015 R1017
R1018 R1027 R1028 R1029
R1030 R1031 R1108 R1109
R1110 R1111 R1112 R1113
R1114 R1115 R1119 R1120
R1121 R1122 R1124 R1126
R1132 R1140 R1141 R2001
R2003 R2004 R2007 R2009
R2010 R2011 R2020 R2021
R2022 R2023 R2024 R2025
R2026 R2028 R2029 R2101
R2102 R2105 R2110 R2111
R2112 R2113 R2114 R2201
R2202 R2204 R2205 R2206
R2207 R2208 R2209 R2301
R2302 R2303 R2304 R2305
R2306 R2401 R2701 R2702
R2709 R2711 R2712 R2714
R2716 R2718 R2719 R2720
R2721 R2722 R2723 R2724
R2728 R2739 R2740 R2741
R2742 R2743 R2744 R2745
R2749 R2751 R2752 R2753
R2754 R2800 R2801 R4001
R4002 R4003 R4004 R5000
R5001 R5010    

Typically Compliant

R1000 R1001 R1003 R1005
R1006 R2002 R2005 R2210
R2705 R2706 R2710 R2738

Potentially Compliant

R1025 R1130    


R0002 R0003 R1007 R1016
R1125 R2203 R2211 R2717
R2725 R2726 R2729 R2735

Not applicable

R1107 R1123 R1131 R2008
R2027 R2707 R2727 R2747
R2748 R2750 R3002 R3003
R3004 R3005 R3010 R3011
R3020 R3021 R3030 R3100