.NET Framework Deployment Guide


Microsoft Corporation

January 2002

Note The deployment guide for version 1.1 of the .NET Framework will be available soon.

Applications and controls written for the Microsoft .NET Framework require the .NET Framework to be installed on the computer where the application or control runs. The .NET Framework version 1.0 provides one redistributable installer, Dotnetfx.exe, which contains the common language runtime and .NET Framework components necessary to run .NET Framework applications. This article lists the resources available on how to get and install Dotnetfx.exe, and how to use it to deploy .NET Framework applications.

The .NET Framework End-User License Agreement is available for review.

Note If you choose to use Dotnetfx.exe for distribution with an application created by you, you must have a validly licensed copy of the Microsoft .NET Framework SDK and you agree that any use or distribution of Dotnetfx.exe associated with your Licensed Product as "Licensed Product" is defined in the Microsoft .NET Framework SDK end user license agreement (the "EULA"), is subject to the terms of the EULA. If you do not have a validly licensed copy of the Microsoft .NET Framework SDK or you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you are not authorized to distribute Dotnetfx.exe.

.NET Framework Redistributable Package Technical Reference

This article provides advanced developers with a reference to Dotnetfx.exe options and errors.

Using Visual Studio .NET to Redistribute the .NET Framework

This article describes how to use Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET to modify a deployment project to use the Setup.exe Bootstrapper sample and how to edit the settings.ini file to deploy your .NET Framework application using Setup.exe. Scenarios are provided for manually installing Dotnetfx.exe from a download location on a network share, intranet, or the Microsoft Web site and using the Setup.exe Bootstrapper sample to install Dotnetfx.exe and then launch the Microsoft Windows Installer package for your application.

Setup.exe Bootstrapper Sample

The Setup.exe Bootstrapper sample demonstrates how to create a single setup program that, when launched, installs the Microsoft .NET Framework redistributable package Dotnetfx.exe, if necessary, and then installs a .NET Framework application with a Microsoft Windows Installer-based setup program (.msi file).