What's New in the .NET Framework Version 1.1

The .NET Framework version 1.1 extends the .NET Framework version 1.0 with new features, improvements to existing features, and enhancements to the documentation. This section provides information about the key additions and modifications.

In This Section

  • New and Enhanced Features
    Describes new technologies, such as the .NET Compact Framework, that are included in the 1.1 version. This topic also describes changes to existing features such as ADO.NET and .NET Framework security.
  • New Documentation
    Describes some important additions to the 1.1 documentation, including secure coding guidelines, information about application deployment, and information about the .NET Compact Framework.
  • Version Compatibility
    Provides information about backward and forward compatibility. For a list of the public API modifications to the class library for version 1.1 that might affect the compatibility of your application, see Compatibility Considerations and Version Changes.

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