Common Language Runtime Minidump Tool (Mscordmp.exe)

The Common Language Runtime Minidump tool creates a file containing information that is useful for analyzing system problems in the runtime. This tool is invoked just before the Microsoft Dr. Watson tool (Drwatson.exe) when Microsoft Visual Studio wants to upload a minidump.

mscordmp [options] /pid processID /out outputFile
Argument Description
processId The identification number of the process for which to produce a dump.
outputFile The full path and name under which to save the dump file.
Option Description
/h Displays command syntax and options for the tool.
/nologo Suppresses the Microsoft startup banner display.
/pid processId Produces a dump file for the specified process.
/out outputFile Saves the dump information to the specified file.
/? Displays command syntax and options for the tool.


The following command creates a minidump file for the process with the identification number 12345 and saves the output in the file myDump.

mscordmp /pid 12345 /out myDump

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