Font Property (MobileControl)

Returns a FontInfo object that contains font information about the control.

public virtual System.Web.UI.MobileControls.FontInfo Font {


The following is a list of the classes that inherit the Font property from the MobileControl base class.

AdRotator Class PagedControl Class
Calendar Class Panel Class
Command Class PhoneCall Class
CompareValidator Class RangeValidator Class
CustomValidator Class RegularExpressionValidator Class
Form Class RequiredFieldValidator Class
Image Class SelectionList Class
Label Class TextBox Class
Link Class TextControl Class
List Class TextView Class
ObjectList Class ValidationSummary Class


The FontInfo class has the following properties.

Property Description
Bold The font is bold.
Italic The font is italic.
Name An identifier for this font instance.
Size The font size.

See Also

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Applies to: MobileControl Class