ASP.NET QuickStart

The ASP.NET QuickStart consists of a series of ASP.NET samples and supporting commentary designed to quickly acquaint you with the syntax, architecture, and power of ASP.NET. The samples are brief, easy-to-understand illustrations of ASP.NET features.

The samples introduce the following key areas of ASP.NET development:

  • ASP.NET syntax

    While some of the ASP.NET syntax elements will be familiar to veteran ASP developers, several are unique to the .NET Framework. The QuickStart samples cover each element in detail.

  • ASP.NET architecture and features

    The ASP.NET QuickStart introduces the features of ASP.NET that enable you to build interactive, world-class applications with much less time and effort than ever before.

  • Best practices

    The ASP.NET QuickStart demonstrates the best ways to exercise the power of ASP.NET while avoiding potential issues along the way.

To use the ASP.NET QuickStart to full advantage, you should be fluent in HTML and general Web development terminology. You do not need previous ASP experience, but you should be familiar with concepts associated with interactive Web pages, including forms, scripts, and data access.

This following sections of this documentation provide concise summaries of each ASP.NET QuickStart sample. The documentation does not include the actual samples. To view the samples online, see the QuickStart samples on the Microsoft Web site. This site also offers additional information about the .NET Framework.

To install and run the QuickStart samples, see the StartSamples.htm file in the \Samples folder of the .NET Framework SDK installation directory.

ASP.NET QuickStart Categories



Control Authoring

Data Access

Data Customization



Sample Applications


Server Control Form Validation

Server Control Reference

Server Controls Introduction

Style Customization


Web Applications

Web Forms Introduction

Web Forms Syntax Reference

Web Forms User Controls

Web Services

Web Forms Business Objects