<remove> Element for <httpHandlers>

Removes a verb/path mapping to an IHttpHandler class. The remove directive must exactly match the verb/path mapping of a previous <add> directive. Wildcard characters are not supported.

**         <remove>**

<remove verb="[verb list]" path="path"/>

Required Attributes

Attribute Description
verb The verb list that matches the verb list of the handler to be removed.
path The path that matches the path of the handler to be removed.


The following example removes all handler mappings to SOAP handlers.

         <remove verb="*" path="*.soap"/>


Contained Within: <system.web>

Web Platform: IIS 5.0, IIS 5.1, IIS 6.0

Configuration File: Machine.config, Web.config

Configuration Section Handler: System.Web.Configuration.HttpHandlersSectionHandler

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